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Hi, my name is Harold. I love blogging, and has been writing journals since the time they’re only used for offline purposes and is not shared with everybody.

I am a tech enthusiast. I get excited whenever I hear news about any recent developments in technology. I do own a few gadgets (a laptop and smartphone), but they are sadly very outdated and need to be replaced soon. I am a power user, I like fiddling with computer programs and devices. I can also code, and I’m juggling a lot of projects right now. Unfortunately, all of them were still on alpha status, and development is crawling at snail pace, so I wonder if I can ever come up with anything.

I am also a nature-lover. I still find enjoyment communing with nature, seeing green and natural landscapes and clean bodies of water. I believe the Earth is getting warmer because of our negligence. I hate people who have utter disregard or disrespect for nature: those who contribute to the pollution and destruction of our environment.

My blog is not a topical blog. It’s a mishmash of all of my interests, and I have diligently organized everything to keep everything sorted. Please feel free to explore my blog, you might find an article or two that may interest you.☺


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