Two Ways to Use Bing Backgrounds as Wallpaper

Hi there. It was really embarrassing that my blog has gone all but dead, with virtually no articles for such a long period of time. I have my reasons, and I guess it doesn’t matter anymore at this point whether I’ll tell them or not. What’s important is I have finally found some spare time to work on my blog, and rest assured that I will try to work on it as often as I can. That’s a promise.

To celebrate my return to my blog, I have decided to work on the post which is still sending a lot of traffic on my blog, even if it contains obsolete information. I am specifically referring to the post about setting the Bing backgrounds as your Windows wallpaper. A lot of things have changed, and for the record, it is now easier to get the Bing wallpapers.

  1. Download the wallpaper directly from the website

    Great news, getting the wallpaper is as easy as a download. To start, go to the Bing website first. Check the lower right corner of the website and you’ll notice a down arrow button. That’s the download button.


    But don’t get too excited yet. This button will only appear for selected regions, so you’ll need to change the region in order to be able to bring it out. How to do it?

    Check the gear wheel in the upper right corner of the website. That’s the settings. Click it, then on the next page click “Worldwide.” This will bring out the available regions. Just click “United States – English.” Other regions may also work. Once clicked, you’ll be rerouted to the home page and, voila, the download button is now visible.


    There’s a left and right arrow to check backgrounds from the previous days, and unfortunately, there was a 3D wallpaper a few days ago, which cannot be downloaded, causing the button to be grayed out.

  2. Use Bing Desktop

    This was the method I have outlined on my previous post. The process is still the same, you’ll need to download and install Bing Desktop, and if you just want to use the current wallpaper, then it ends there.

    But if you are like me, who uses a custom theme and is an avid “collector” of the wallpapers, or if you want to use a background that’s more than a week old and don’t want to lose it, then you may just want to keep a copy of the wallpaper file and save it on a folder.

    bing_aboutApparently, Bing Desktop has an auto-update mechanism and the latest version made some changes to the location of the images. Please disregard the previous location. Here’s the current address:

    To locate the images, bring out “Run” by holding down the Windows key and then pressing the letter R. On the prompt, type in the following:


    bing_wpThere will be several folders. Look for a folder that starts with “Wallpaper_…” then click these folders in order: VersionIndependent » images. The wallpapers are here. It’s also a good practice to copy the images folder and “Paste Shortcut” in the desktop, so that you are just a click away from the files on subsequent downloads. The great thing about the latest version is that, there are also additional categories such as Animal, Scenery and Others, giving you additional wallpapers. The images are hi-res, but they’re not of the proper size, though. Don’t worry, though. The Bing wallpapers are right there at the bottom, and they’re the proper size.



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