The Windows 8 Alphabet

I was playing around with the Start Menu the other day when I suddenly remembered this puzzle I made last year. Having amassed a number of programs over the last few months, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I can already fill up the entire alphabet. And so, I have faithfully recreated the puzzle I made using Windows 8 tiles.


The same challenge still applies. How many of these programs and websites can you name? I do need to censor out the program names since I don’t need to give away the answers. One thing I realized while doing it is that the coloring scheme of Windows 8 is not really monochromatic as it looks. It still employs a certain gradient, though it’s not too subtle. I do need to make some changes to the original because I have no way of making tiles out of them.


  • Seemed like my old T prefers the bird, so sadly I do need to look for another entry. Good thing there’s something as equally popular…

  • I was aware that there’s an Amazon app in the Store, but there’s no stopping me from using this one now!

  • I do need to change N anymore because it’s already an antiquated logo. I was glad I have Office installed, I didn’t have difficulty looking for a replacement. On a related note, I should have replaced U with the Wii U logo, but I couldn’t think of any way to show it. Guess I need to continue cheating.

  • refuses to display its logo, so I scourged the Store for a replacement. Quite easy, actually.

  • I am aware that the Store also has Hulu Plus and app that displays this letter, but nothing’s wrong with a little site self-promotion, riiiiiight?

  • I don’t use K, actually. My antimalware of choice is Comodo Internet Security, which also displays a C in its icon.

  • Now that btJunkie has gone defunct, I‘m going crazy trying to look for a replacement. Guess I need to cheat just one last time…

* * *

Postscript: the W in my keyboard detached itself, and I just realized it was one of my essential keys, since I‘ve been churning plenty of contents in this blog about a word that has two W’s in it.



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