A New Year’s Resolve

It all started with a Facebook note.

new_beginningMany people do not realize the value of setting up New Year’s Resolutions, and I suspect this is probably because they usually just end up being unable to attain the goal or breaking the set rule eventually. I was aware of this, so I decided to adopt a rule used in the workplace, the SMART rule, a mnemonic which relates that goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic relevant and timely. It is a great guide because it helps me avoid delving too much into abstractions.

So, 2012 had just concluded and I’m proud to say that it was a great year for me because I was able to achieve most of the goals I had set at the beginning of the year. Looking back, here were my goals:

  • Get a new laptop. Phone/Tablet too?

    For the gadgets, it was a waiting game for me. I was glad I held off getting a new phone, Windows Phone 8 has just been introduced, and I had one less device to worry about because of upcoming x86 tablets.

  • Learn CSS, C# and maybe another language. Get at least 45% completion rate for current project. Maybe side projects too.

    I was also surprised with myself because I have ideas not only for one program, but several! The tools are ready, and the lofty goal of having a program available in the App Store is now becoming a possibility for me.

  • Get a raise (I didn’t get one last year)

    I worked hard for my metrics last year, and had finally reached the ₱4,000 mark. I’m keeping an eye on my  excellent scores this season and is expecting the same results this year.

  • Get a 5-digit balance on SAV account.

    For the past few years, I never reached a 5-digit balance in my account, the largest amount I got was ₱9,800, short of ₱200 to reach an extra digit. I was actually expecting to reach this when I receive my work incentive midway through the year, but I ended up being disappointed. I didn’t give up however and I finally reached it, ironically before the year ended. Moving forward, I‘m expecting this amount to appear in a separate account, my next goal towards achieving financial security.

  • Get a partner.

    Admittedly, one of the harder goals. I’m doing some effort but sadly I’m getting nowhere.

  • Get a domain/web host. Clean my blogsite and increase traffic.

    I was proud of what I achieved with my blog. More articles are being posted (though still not as frequent as I hoped), and my traffic increased from less than 10 to about 50 a day. What more can I ask for? Definitely more traffic, likes, clicks, comments (and less spam) for 2013!

* * *

Moving forward, I will continue working (and work harder!) to start where I left off last year. I couldn’t think of any extra goals, but I’ll probably work on ways to cut costs and start earning.


Your feedback will be greatly appreciated

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