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Last week, I blogged about my library and I wasn’t planning to add some books before the year ends. I broke my own rules, apparently.

abaratI was hanging out in the mall last week (I’m not planning to buy anything at all, gifts or personal effects) and sadly, I failed to resist the urge to check out my favorite bookstore to browse for random titles. As it turns out, I was glad I did and was filled with utmost glee because I chanced upon a hard-to-find title by Clive Barker. The book was Abarat. The last time I saw this book was more than seven years ago as a softbound book selling twice the price of other bestsellers, joining the likes of 1Q84 for being costly. It was really exhilarating to see it in paperback, complete with its ambigrammatic title, much like the effects used in Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons.

Clive Barker is one of my favorite authors of all time, easily ranking in my Top 10. My personal favorite is Weave-World, and I just finished The Great and Secret Show last year. I even made a book report for The Thief of Always (I noticed that it’s an ideal substitute for a book review, though it doesn’t work for a lot of titles. It does work for potboilers and children’s books, though, as shown with titles like The Eyes of the Dragon, Treasure Island or Watership Down) and, in fact, I posted it as a blog post and it still earns traffic after all these years. Sadly, though, I lost a lot of his titles before I was able to read them. I used to have a book called Imajica and I was proud of the book because it’s complete, containing both Books I and II. It’s more heartbreaking for Everville, which was the sequel to The Great and Secret Show. I have Hellbound Heart, which served as the inspiration for Hellraiser, though for some reason, I can’t find it (I’m sure it’s just lurking somewhere in my bookshelf). Now, having found this title, the missing book in my collection is down to one: The Damnation Game. I wasn’t really all that interested in his Books of Blood series (I actually have a certain aversion to series, because it’s extremely difficult to complete them).

* * *

On a sad note, I was also looking into a Life of Pi copy that’s available two weeks ago, having taken interest after hearing news of a movie version, and it was no longer there.

And having just broken the rule, I decided I’m set on acquiring the boxed set of Hunger Games.

And I do wish someone will gift me A Dance of Dragons. I had a memorable Christmas last year, having received not one but all four books in the Game of Thrones series, given to me by my boss.

It was also a record year for me, having read more books than in previous years, considering that it was increasingly difficult to return to books because of the competition from other forms of entertainment, which has their advantage of being more accessible.


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