Bing Desktop 1.1 is Now Available

Back in July, I mentioned a program that allows you to set and download Bing backgrounds as your wallpaper. That program is Bing Desktop, and three days ago, a new version is available.


I first noticed it yesterday, when it was included as an optional install in Windows Update.

Coincidentally, the link to the old site is no longer available. It took me a while to locate the link to the new version. Here it is:

Improvements include support for Windows 8, and it now downloads Bing images for a week rather than just a day. They will still be downloaded at the same folder used in the old version.


At first I thought the autohide at the top feature was removed, but it will still retain this feature just by dragging the window to the top.

The program also absorbed the trending and top contents feature of its Windows 8 app cousin.



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