How to Install Pinoy Apps on Windows 8

For the record, there are a number of local apps available on the Windows 8 app store. listed down some of these apps, and boy, they sure are useful. These include SM Cinema, ABS-CBN, MMDA, Globe, and others. And they’re free.

However, if you try to search for them in the app store, usually you get blank results. I can browse them in the web browser app store, but when attempting to install them from here, it causes the app store to launch without displaying the app itself.


As it turns out, you’ll need to set up your local app store to be able to have access to the app.

  1. Open the Start Menu. (or dashboard, as I like to call it)

  2. Hold down the Win key and press Q. Now click Settings. In the search box, type “region” then click the “Region” app.


  3. A window will appear. Click the location tab and select “Philippines” (of course).


  4. Restart Windows 8.

Once you reopen the App Store, you should now be able to view them.


Install them as you would other apps and enjoy.



Your feedback will be greatly appreciated

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