How to Enable Flash on Metro IE

Source: XDA-Developers

It was originally intended for Flash to be disabled in Metro IE. Unfortunately, the decision garnered some unfavorable responses from affected parties, so as a work-around to this, Microsoft implemented a Flash whitelist, allowing certain sites to display Flash content. The access is still limited, and this is particularly noticeable in some sites such as Facebook, for instance, when running certain apps. When I tried playing Tetris Battle, this was the screen I got:


Thankfully, a method was posted at XDA-Developers enabling users to add sites to the whitelist.

  1. Protecting the whitelist.

    Run desktop IE, then press [Alt] to make IE’s menu bar appear. Go to Tools then click Compatibility View settings.


    compatApparently, the Flash whitelist was included on IE’s compatibility list file. On the window that appeared, uncheck “Download updated compatibility lists from Microsoft”. Whenever IE updates compatibility lists, it overwrites the previous file, and any custom sites you’re going to enter will be removed if you don’t perform this step.

  2. Update the whitelist.

    Now we’re ready to add sites! As suggested in the site, the fastest way to locate and edit the file is thru the Run command and Notepad. Open the Run dialog by pressing [Win + R], then enter the following:

    notepad "%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData\iecompatdata.xml"


    If the file is too large, you can jump directly to the end of the Flash whitelist by pressing [Ctrl + F] and typing </flash>. To add a site, just type <domain></domain> per site (in this case, the site for Tetris Battle is


  3. Load the list.

    Now we’re ready! Go to Metro IE, show the charms bar and click Settings (the gear wheel). Click Internet Options. Delete the browsing history by clicking the [Delete] button.


If everything is done right, the site you added should now be working.



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