The 10 Best Wallpapers of All Time

I got into wallpaper mania last week, having posted and edited many wallpaper-related posts in my blog. And what better way to cap it off than by posting the Top 10 wallpapers of all time.

  1. Bliss (Windows XP)

    It’s probably the most viewed photo of all time. It was used as XP’s default wallpaper, and owing to the simplicity, tranquility and use of cool colors (green for the grass and blue for the sky), many users didn’t bother changing it. Did you know that the wallpaper has an interesting story as well?

  2. Clownfish (Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger)

    The Mac UI was the original eye candy, and there’s no better complement to that than using high-res wallpapers. And in a single stroke, Apple managed to combine beautiful, cool and, the most important one, cute in one image. It probably took a bit of inspiration from Finding Nemo as well. The picture was so popular, it was also used as the original lock screen image for the first iPhone.

  3. img19 (Windows 7)

    With Windows 7, the OS finally has native support for desktop background slide show, or periodically shifting wallpapers (that’s the term they coined, and you can verify that through the Personalize window). Several themes were included to showcase this, including the Characters theme, which was made as a result of Microsoft’s search for unique and exclusive artworks for Windows 7. This was the best of the lot, made by Yuko Kondo.

  4. Snow Leopard (Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard)

    Mac OS X so far follows a consistent naming convention for its versions, using cats for each version. We can only imagine how long this will be used, but so far, Apple have resorted to cleverness by using Snow Leopard (v10.6) after Leopard (v10.5), and Mountain Lion (v10.8), the most recent one, after Lion (v10.7). Now, why this wallpaper? It’s probably because it’s a fitting tribute to Apple’s favorite color: white.

  5. Grass (Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard)

    It must be something for Windows and MacOS to use the same subject for their wallpaper, and it’s a no-brainer to determine the clear winner.

  6. Leaf (Windows 7 Beta)

    Not giving up, Microsoft came up with another nature-inspired wallpaper and successfully made a great contender. I was lucky to have saved this wallpaper, it was used as the default wallpaper in the beta, but was removed in the Windows 7 Release Candidate. I really liked this image very much, I’m using it as my blog background, replacing the default galaxy background of the theme.

  7. Paradise (Windows 2000/ME)

    Windows really have a great repository of wallpapers including a castle (the image has the filename Chateau), close-up of a flower and storm clouds, but this one is the stand-out. Having started on ME(!), I have always used this image, unaware for a very long time that I was looking at one of Philippines’ most beautiful attraction: the beaches of Boracay, famed for its sugary-white sand.

  8. win95 (Windows 95)

    First off, I didn’t know it’s blue. Then again, I didn’t know if colored monitors were available at the time. I included this on the list because, despite the plainness of the image, it existed in a time when graphical user interface was just starting to penetrate mainstream (Windows 3.1 wasn’t really a mainstream OS) and JPEG’s and just about every other file format were pretty much nonexistent. It’s exciting to be clicking menus and icons with the use of a mouse(!) instead of typing commands. And then there’s the huge picture that holds them together, which is what wallpapers were all about.

  9. Blue Hills (Windows XP)

    There were still some instances when I want to use alternative pictures, and in XP, the answer lies in XP’s Shared Pictures folder, containing four pictures. I don’t understand why most preferred the water lily, I didn’t really like it. Between this and Winter, this is my preferred one.

  10. Dangerous Creatures wallpaper (Windows 98/ME)

    If you’re not satisfied with Windows’ preinstalled themes, Microsoft has a suite of themes called Plus!, which can install complete themes, consisting of a wallpaper, screen saver, color schemes, mouse pointers and sound effects. The best theme would probably be Mystery or Underwater, but I chose this for the wallpaper, simply because I’m seeing this circulating in the web lately, probably as a joke aimed at the recent versions of Mac OS X (which both uses Lion).


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