Waiting for the Next Big Literary Epic

agameofthrones  GoT

2012 continues the search for the next big epic fantasy or sci-fi series, with most of the most popular literary works reaching their end of the line from last year until this year. The Lord of the Rings trilogy came and went, bagging Academy Awards and all, with one last ditch effort to cash in on The Hobbit soon. Harry Potter had all but exhausted all 7 books, producing an output of 8 movies in the process. Twilight is following the same strategy, with the second part of Breaking Dawn to be shown a few months from now. There had been a lot of attempts to replicate the success of these series, but so far, most received lukewarm response from viewers, as was the case with Chronicles of Narnia, The Golden Compass, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The pressure is on The Hunger Games, which had its airing last March with excellent results (I’ll reserve my judgment later, having neither seen nor read the title). I wasn’t too keen for Ender’s Game, it doesn’t appear to be a good material for a movie. I am also wondering if a Dark Tower series will ever materialize, with yet another book coming up. And I don’t understand why no one seems to take interest in Wheel of Time, 13 books and all.

I have nothing against books getting the visual treatment. While it’s common knowledge that the book is always better than the movie, and we must not judge a book by its movie because it’s usually going to be dumbed down in order to appeal to the least common denominator, there are benefits to making a movie out of it. One thing I look forward to is seeing the settings and characters come into life, whether it’s Middle-Earth or the castle of Hogwarts or even the sleepy town of Forks, and seeing the cast who will eventually populate this world. 

→ I’m running out of titles.

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2 comments on “Waiting for the Next Big Literary Epic

  1. I would love to see The Dark Tower brought to screen. I was excited about the prospect of Javier Bardem playing Roland, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

    Did Piers Anthony’s On a Pale Horse ever make it to screen? That would be a blockbuster movie.

    • The Dark Tower project is going on and off, sadly. Every once in a while, some small details will appear on Stephen King’s FB page. Hopefully, the production is just halted, not fully cancelled.

      I agree with you on the OAPH movie 😀

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