Chronicles of Work (2/3)

Today marks my second year of employment in Sutherland Global, and I can safely say that my position is already pretty stable, after struggling in the job for the first six months. I survived, and I’ve got everything to be very thankful for.

Click here for the prequel.

It’s been a week after the examination and I have yet to receive feedback. Days came and went, and then on Friday the week after, I unmistakably recognized an applicant as I’m walking toward MetroTown Mall (I’ve been going in and out of this mall during this period, and I don’t remember anymore the exact reason) and that’s when I thought I heard the bad news. Apparently, they already had their training since Monday.

* * *

Then, two days later, on a Sunday, I received the call to report for the training on Tuesday (Oct 20). The hard part isn’t over. In fact, it’s only just beginning.

The language training proved to be the hardest stage in my application. I do have a good grasp of the English language, and I’m also familiar with American culture. It’s my voice quality that I worry about, and I shivered at the things I need to develop during the training: pitch, intonation, volume and accent.

I took a bit of inspiration from my college days, at the time when I’m already doing badly and I took up Communication III (Speech Communication), a subject I’ve been intentionally avoiding until I run out of available subjects to take. I practically begged my way into the class (it’s a common practice in UP if you’re having problem getting slots for a subject to report to class directly and ask for a class card directly from the prof to get enrolled) and even though I was two weeks behind, I persisted and worked hard to quell my fear of speaking in front of an audience. In the end, I got a 2.5, the lowest grade that was given (actually, one student flunked the subject). Still, it’s one of the most memorable classes I took, because during the end of the semester, we received feedback on our performance in the class, written in the outline for my final speech. My teacher is aware of my speech defect, and I was praised for my persistence and extra effort to work it out and also for actively participating in the class. Reading the handwritten remarks on the piece of paper brought tears to my eyes, because passing the subject was one of the few things I’ve gotten right during those times.

* * *


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