For the record, working at my company is not at all dull. Every once in a while, the floor is abuzz with fun activities to liven up the workplace. And it just so happens that Halloween is near, so what’s more appropriate than dressing up as creatures of the night and transform the floor into a gruesome setting.

This year, I took the costume contest with a bit of a challenge, because it must reflect a part of me and come up with something that’s extraordinary and adhering to the geek code, seeing just how tiresome it is to be seeing Edward Cullen’s, Jacob Black’s, Grim Reapers, Mike Myers (or any of his clones), Minerva McGonagall’s, Lord Voldemort’s and dead rape victims.


Filipinos don’t celebrate Halloween. Instead, we celebrate All Saints Day the day after Halloween (Nov-1), as a day when we remember our departed loved ones. This one continues until the next day (Nov-2), which we name as All Souls Day. On this day, we go to the cemetery and light candles in the grave.

zombie_headTwo days to go and I have yet to come up with an idea, much less start working on what I’m going to wear. Ironically, I got the idea after seeing a broomstick, which I somehow envisioned as a flag. I found the perfect creature.

zombieMaking the costume was easy enough. I just need a tattered coat and jeans (and if I can’t obtain one, I can just make one) and a red tie. The mask is the problem. Having no time to scourge the malls, I ended up improvising the mask by printing it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to acquire a red tie (or a tie of any other color for that matter). Even though the gathered materials aren’t too similar to the character model, I was satisfied with the end result.

* * *


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