Factoids: The ABC of Computing

And now for my next puzzle, I’ll make it short & simple.

Let’s see how technologically inclined you are. How many of these letter icons can you identify? It could be a computer program, website, service, platform, and even video game consoles and cellphones.



  • I got the idea for this puzzle from a funny incident. My Mom is an avid user of F (which if you can’t figure out, means that you have no right to answer this puzzle. LOL), and before, when she asks me how to open it, I just tell her to press the blue ‘e’ icon. Now, v.9 of the program allows sites to be pinned to the taskbar, and so I just tell her to click that letter. It didn’t end there, though. The icon for another web browser, whose default icon is something that resembles a Pokéball, can be changed into the icon of the company who made the browser. It’s interesting to see all three letters sitting right next to each other, and it was also saddening, because O, my fave browser, is a long way from them. LOL

  • W is the easiest icon to find, because several high-profile programs use a W icon, including Microsoft Word, Wikipedia and World of Warcraft. I also considered several programs for C, including Ccleaner and Comodo Firewall, but chose this one because it scores high in terms of geek factor.

  • Z originally stood for Zuma, but I just remembered this logo and instantly changed it because it got to be one of coolest logo I’ve seen.

  • The same cannot be said of A, however. I actually prefer Adobe Reader, but this one is more recognizable.

  • I was actually torn between X and the Xbox 360o logo, but in the end chose this because PC gaming > Console gaming.

  • Speaking of which, it’s interesting to note that I had some difficulty searching for I, despite a certain company’s obsession with the letter.

  • Of the letters, searching for D, J and U proved to be the hardest. I originally used the Sega Dreamcast logo for D, but pulled it up the last minute because I think it doesn’t resemble the letter at all.

  • I gave up on U, so I cheated and used this icon, instead, because it starts with the letter anyway (it’s not, and I’ll tell you why). The letter you see here is mu, the lowercase Greek equivalent of the letter M. Even the first letter in the program isn’t read /u/, or even /mu/ (read as Mew, like the Pokémon), it’s read as micro, just like in SI system of measurement, denoting an exponent of 10-9, denoting the light-weightedness of the program.


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