Puzzle: Eight_Squares

I was cleaning up some junk in my room the other day and I was utterly delighted to discover an old notebook containing a lot of puzzles I had made many years ago. It’s a huge relief, because I’ve been trying to recreate some of these puzzles but I can’t do them anymore. 😦 Admittedly, I’m a huge puzzle fan. I purchase puzzle magazines like GAMES, Dell or Penny Press whenever I could. But I don’t just solve some pencil puzzles, I also make some. 😉 

I’m planning to digitize most of these puzzles, but my problem is that I can’t find a good website to distribute them. So, for the mean time, my puzzles will be temporarily relocated here. 😉

I chose this for my first puzzle posting because I think it’s well-made, unique and it just have the right difficulty.

All of the answers in this puzzle have 8 letters, and is placed sequentially in the squares surrounding the number. Use the diagram to determine where the first letter for each answer is placed, and whether the answers turn clockwise or counter clockwise.


1. Lower part of a wall
2. Rhombi
3. Part of a staircase
4. Chamber of Secrets inhabitant
5. Spine
6. Had colds, in a way
7. Things that sunder
8. Stiff-necked
9. Offends
10. Side stories, in TV
11. Manifold
12. Feign
13. Guidance
14. Celibate
15. British noblewoman
16. Opposite of egoism
17. Skin ointment ingredient
18. Opens a computer program
19. Shade of brown
20. European country
21. MP3 lover
22. Unfathomable
23. Places before
24. Materials for paint
25. Massive stone structure

Solve it whichever way you like, but the best way is still to download the PDF copy of the puzzle and then just print it out using a printer.

* * *

Stumped? Think it’s unsolvable? Take a peek or look at the solution.



Your feedback will be greatly appreciated

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