Factoids: QWERTY

Qwerty (which is a valid dictionary word BTW 😉 ) refers to the most popular layout of letters and characters on a keyboard. It was called such in reference to the first six letters on the first row of letters.

It was patented by Christopher Sholes and then sold the layout to Remington in 1874, who incorporated the layout in one of their typewriters. The arrangement of the letters were determined by trial and error to avoid “type jams”, which occurs when two neighboring type bars in a type writer were hit at the same time.

Eventually, the qwerty layout became the standard, mostly because of the failure of some alternatives to show any significant advantages. The closest thing to an alternative is the Dvorak keyboard layout, which claims to uses less finger motion, increases typing rate, and reduces errors compared to the QWERTY arrangement. Many modern OS’s support this layout.

You can impress people by typing in the lengthy word TYPEWRITER using only the first row.

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