Sayonara, XPhone IIm

xphone Five years is a very long time to be holding on to a mobile phone. It’s way past the typical lifespan of a phone, which is two years, give and take a year, by which time it’s going to be threatened by aging hardware or just plain obsolete tech. I received this phone in 2005, and used it continuously until at the end of 2009. At one point, I was asked to donate either this or the XDA II Mini, because there’s just too many phones in my possession. In the end, I decided sticking to this phone. That’s how I much loved this phone.

Back in 2005, it’s still top-of-the-line. At that time, the luxury brand is still Nokia, the best phone OS is still Symbian, and the best handset model is still the NSeries. But considering that my phone is capable of doing everything these phones could, it’s common for other people to ask me what model of Nokia I’m using. It can, after all, do many things all modern smartphones today take for granted. It can multitask, has copy/paste, play audio & video, can do desktop-like web browsing and, in particular, run plenty of programs for just about every type of tasks possible, like the mobile versions of IE, Media Player, Outlook, Office and even MSN Messenger. I had blogged about my favorite apps last year.

Heck, it even has one of the best specs at the time, even though no one really cares about them during that time or laughable by today’s standards. The specs are as follows:

  • 200MHz TI OMAP processor
  • 32MB SDRAM, 64MB Flash EEPROM
  • 2.2” TFT-LCD, 176×220 QQVGA screen resolution, 64K colors
  • 0.3MP Camera
  • EDGE Data Connection, no 3G
  • MiniSD Expansion, supports up to 2GB (but may support SDHC cards for up to 8GB)
  • Stereo sound, 16-bit nominal quantization, 44100Hz sampling frequency
  • USB 1.2 support, IrDA & BT support, no 802.11 support
  • No accelerometer & GPS

At least, it currently runs on the latest version of Windows Mobile, which is Windows Mobile 6.5. I received the unit running on the default OS which is WM2K3SE. I had flashed the device a few times since then and enjoyed all versions of WM.

For the record, the entire unit is still fully functional. It can still send and receive SMS and voice calls, play sound, take pictures and browse the web. I have changed the battery only twice, and once in a while, I change the memory card to increase the disk size. In fact, the only part that doesn’t work was the joystick, which became unresponsive within 1½ year of usage. Then again, it’s fairly typical for all phones, like the other phones that we have: the K700i and the 7210. Thankfully, it didn’t cripple the phone. I can still do most of the tasks thanks to WM’s unmatched tweaks and customizability.

* * *


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