How to Change Windows 7’s Logon Screen

Bored with Windows’ default screen every time you login? Well, here’s a way to spice up that screen and use custom pictures.

Before Windows 7, in order to change this screen, you need to use a third party program from Stardock to customize this screen. The program is XP Logon Studio.

As it turns out, you don’t even need third-party software to customize the Windows 7 login screen. All you need is a bit of a tweaking and a picture file. Here’s how you can change the screen:

  1. Launch the registry editor.

    To do this, go to the Start Menu and on the search prompt, type regedit. Click regedit.exe. A UAC prompt will appear after clicking. Click the [Yes] button.startmenu

  2. Find the DWORD.

    Once the registry editor window appears, right-click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click Find…find

    A dialog box will appear. Type OEMBackground from the “Find what” prompt. You can ignore the case, it doesn’t matter whether you entered oembackground or OeMbAcKgRoUnD. Now click the [Find Next] button. dialog

    A popup will appear until the key is

  3. Edit the DWORD.

    Once the OEMBackground is loaded, right-click it and click “Modify…”edit

    Once the dialog box appears, change the Value Data from 0 to 1. Don’t touch everything else. Once done, click the [OK] button to save the changes. Exit the Registry Editor when you’re done. dword

  4. Prepare your picture.

    Get your picture ready. The picture size should be in JPG format, equal to or higher than your screen resolution and should be less than 256KB. Rename the file as backgroundDefault and follow the correct case (that means uppercase D and lowercase for everything else just in case you can’t figure it out).ren

  5. Create a new folder in the OOBE folder.

    Open Windows Explorer and go to the system drive (usually drive C: ) and then go to \Windows\System32\oobe folder. Once there, click the [New Folder] button on the toolbar. A UAC prompt will appear. Click [Continue].oobe

    Once done, name the folder created as info. Once done, open this folder, click the [New Folder] again, following the same process for the UAC prompts, then name it backgrounds (with an s 😉 ). bg

  6. Copy and paste the picture to the backgrounds folder.

    Another UAC prompt will appear. Click the [Continue] button to paste it.

  7. Done.

    Your background will automatically appear as soon as you log out or restart your computer. 😀


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