So, Another Pacquiao TKO.


Six months after TKO’ing Hatton, Pacquiao returned to the ring and took yet another belt, though sadly it wasn’t quite as spectacular as the previous one. It’s still a TKO, even though the fight took the entire stretch of 12 rounds.

* * *

Since I’m not sports-minded, let’s talk about this from a techie perspective. Twitter is swarming with congratulatory messages for Pacquiao. Here’s a sample screenshot of the most popular topics in Twitter for the past few hours:Other terms include TKO and floyd. Surprisingly, cotto is nonexistent, obviously beaten by “mayweather,” probably in anticipation of the possible matchup between the two. Also, on a funny note, non-Pacquiao fans mistook Pacman for the videogame character, and are tweeting their bafflement regarding the uncommon popularity of the name today.

/Right. Who’s next?


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