In the Aftermath of a Storm

On a personal note, it’s quite surprising that I’m blogging two consecutive posts about weather, one of those topics I generally tackle when I’m too inspired to write but there’s nothing else worth of interest to rant about. But the heavy damage the typhoon Ondoy wreaked on Northern Luzon for the past few days was something I can’t make a pass on.

Technically, Ondoy wasn’t even a typhoon, it’s just a tropical storm, with a maximum wind speed of 90kph, a far cry from the 100+ wind speed of typhoons in yesteryears. On the surface, it seemed like your typical tropical storm. Continuous rain for at least three days and flooding in the usual areas. So far this year, we’ve experienced these weather disturbances by the dozens, and we survived each one. This will be no exception.

Or so it seemed.

I was TV-less last week. My grandma died last week (of old age, thankfully) and the lamay was held at home. I didn’t have any spare time to turn on the TV to check on the news (and watch the final week of Tayong Dalawa LOLX). The interment was held last Saturday, in the midst of a raging storm, which in particular was more windy than rainy.

When finally I had turned on the TV, I was shocked by what I had seen. The water level is at least knee-high, and in other places was even able to reach the second floor of other houses. It’s nerve-wracking to see people standing on their rooftops and waiting for help to arrive, or cars drifting on their own or piled on top of each other. I don’t even know whether to laugh or have pity on the owners of the debris found on top of trees, like refrigerators, TV’s, cadavers and a random assortment of other things. It’s like seeing a level of Mystery Casefiles being brought to life.

The most important lesson we had to learn from this incident is that we shouldn’t underestimate the destructive power of nature, and begin taking drastic actions to prevent or at least minimize the continuing destruction of nature brought about by climate change and global warming.

Everything is just beginning, it could only get worse. We mustn’t waste time.


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