RIP, Cory Aquino

I was just a kid when the first EDSA Revolution broke. I’ve seen the whole thing on my grandma’s black-and-white cabinet-TV (back then, the TV was not yet a common household appliance and was regarded as a status symbol). I had not fully understood the impact of the event at the time.

However, out of my fascination of the alphabet at the time, I did learn the significance of the L and V finger signs. I was so fascinated with them that, usually during playtime, we used them as call signs for teams or opponents. I always go to the “L” side, and the so-called dumb ones who are generally unaware of the symbolism of these signs would usually go to the “V” side. Fast forward to the present, I was confused when the “L” had suddenly shifted in definition to mean “Loser,” directly in contrast to the its original meaning, which is “Laban” (Filipino term for Fight). Or was it “Liberty”?

As the years passed, I began to realize the important role of EDSA Revolution in history. Toppling the 20+ years of Marcos dictatorship seemed like a Herculean task. And the Aquinos had managed to do it by tapping the power of democracy, by uniting the Filipino people from all sectors of the society. Not quite an ordinary feat. And it had produced one of the most unique uprising in history, characterized by its absolute lack of violence.

Cory’s death last August 1 was, no doubt, a huge loss for our country. She was a true Filipino hero, existing in a time when there aren’t any and Filipinos are in dire need of one.

In pace requiescat.


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