How to Post to the Latest G-Blogs Using Windows Live Writer

Ever since G-Blogs got integrated into Globe Circles, I was unable to make any blog post from WLW anymore. Moreover, if you haven’t used Windows Live Writer and you would like to set it up to publish contents into your own blog, the old method doesn’t work anymore. To solve this problem, you need to set up your blog all over again.

Before you can publish posts to your blog, you need to enable remote posting from your blog first. Log in to your blog and in your dashboard, expand Settings and click “Writing.”

From “Remote Publishing,” check the box next to XML-RPC (this is the one used by WordPress). Click the [Save Changes] button when you’re done.


When you’re done, run Windows Live Writer.

From the Menu Bar, click Blogs and and click “Add blog account…” A wizard will appear.

Since G-Blogs is based on WordPress, you should select “Other blog service.” Click Next when you’re ready.

On the next screen, enter your blog address ([url_name]), your username (your Globe Circles id will do) and your password.

You will get an error message. On the screen that follows, for the “Type of blog,” select WordPress (or WordPress2.2+). For “Remote posting URL,” enter the ff:[url_name]/wp-admin/xmlrpc.php.


Wait for the entire process to finish. For the next few steps, just say OK or Finish.


You can now post from Live Writer.

* * *

UPDATE (May 21, 2010): It’s relatively easier if you’re setting up a WordPress blog from another server. On the blog address section, just enter your blog address  and everything’s automatic from there. No dealing with any errors whatsoever. 😀


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