My Thoughts on the Pacquiao-Hatton Dream Match

A Left for the Ages

Fred Roach knew that Hatton’s weakness lies in his (unusually ugly) jaws, and if Pacquiao manages to hit it, they knew that the fight will gonna be all over. And Pacman managed to do the magical punch in less than 6 minutes, his shortest by far. Pacman has added yet another belt to his collection (6 IINM). Pacman has gobbled another dot (or a Boo?) and forced another boxing superstar into early retirement. It was a wonderful time to be a Filipino.

For the record, I’ve been following Pacquiao’s journey for a long time. The year was 1998, and if my memory served me well, I do remember Pacquiao as a fresh graduate from a boxing reality show on IBC 13. He was matched against a Thai, and to be honest, Pacquiao doesn’t look the part like a future boxing superstar. The titular match took place in the opponent’s homeland. Pacquiao doesn’t have his legion of fans yet (the whole country, that is), he was still an ordinary boxer. And then, suddenly, Pacman scored an unexpected TKO at Round 8 (or 9?), throwing his opponent haplessly on the floor, setting the precedence for future fights. The mostly native crowd was stunned. I’ve seen a brief flash of brilliance.

It didn’t stop there. Pacman took on categorically impossible matches, and finished them with relative ease, even if it took him the whole mountain of a country to do it. It’s funny, Pacman has also been aliased as The Mexicutioner.

And so, it all went to this. Another day, another fight. The Earth stood still, at least on this side of the planet. It was a zero-crime day. Moments like these happens only once in 50 years.

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