Thoughts on Changes at Globe (and something about FB)

Yes, you can still browse Globe for free.

Since the time Globe updated many of its web-based services (G-Blogs, myGlobe Forums, etc) in January, I have been regularly accessing their sites via both online and mobile. Hell, my G-Blogs has now accumulated quite a number of articles unlike my other blogs in other sites (I have a bad habit of signing up in some websites, only to be ignored later).

Then this Wednesday, I did the usual routine of checking both Globe and G-Blogs, and was greeted with the news of Globe’s current reformatting of their website, and then, after a while, an overload of “Network Error” pages. For the record, individual G-Blogs sites are still viewable, I tried accessing my own blog, as well as those of others. This ensures that FB is still available, both on mobile and also on mobile-phone assisted Internet connection. (INTERNET SHARING ROCKS!)

Unfortunately, I was unable to view Globe’s new site ( until yesterday afternoon, and I was only able to view it using an external connection. The problem, it seems, was that when you try to open related sites, the site will try to force you to login first, and then redirects the site to… Either most mobile web browsers don’t support the https protocol, or FB is deactivated for the same protocol.

But all is not lost. Believe me, you can avoid the “Network Error” pages altogether with a few pointers:

  • DO NOT open web pages by clicking links, by using page navigation (Back, Forward or Home, assuming that your home page is set to a Globe page), or through bookmarks (this is questionable. I can access G-Blogs directly from the Speed Dial, everything else doesn’t work). Instead, MANUALLY enter the address from the address bar. That means, (without www) for G-Blogs, for Globe and for myGlobe forums.
  • C’mon, P5 is not much to do a one-time paid browsing to activate your Globe account (you NEED to reactivate your account in order to avail of Globe’s new services. If you register using your mobile phone number, wait for an SMS containing your activation code. Open your e-mail inbox when you registered using e-mail). Then during your first login, activate cookies on your browser. This will help you skip the https page redirection and sends you directly to your own page.
  • If you activated G-Blogs on Live Writer, Scribefire or any blog client you may have on your phone or computer, you can still post articles directly to your own site using those programs. This post is written using Live Writer.

Most of the Globe sites are now accessible at the time of this writing.


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