Internet Explorer 8: Now Available

IE8 is now out of betas and RC so just in case you haven’t upgraded (particularly if you’re still using IE6, gawd, it utterly confounds me that many are still using an antiquated version. Come on, IE6 has been around since Windows 98 and that exists for something like 11 years ago? Anyway, to check your version of IE, if you’re not at ease with clicking Help > About, you can simply check the e icon and if it’s a dull blue color, no yellowish Saturn-like ring, then chances are, you’re using IE6). Now is the time to go to IE Main Page and download the installer.

I’ve been using IE8 since the first beta and it’s safe to say that Microsoft has put a lot of improvements in the web browser. IE8 has now passed Acid2 and it has also improved on its security. There has also been many original features included in the browser, such as web accelerators, web slices, visual search suggestions, inPrivate browsing and many more.

In fact, I’ve been testing IE8 on Windows7 and I think that IE8 was actually faster than FF, Chrome or Safari 4.


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