Yesterday, there was an audition for BB and PDA here in Tarlac State University, and, if I had the time, I should have gone there, if only out of curiosity and nothing else. It’s not that I am harboring any hidden desire to become famous. I am not, as anyone could have said, artistahin. I don’t have the physique of a Greek God, I’m tall and lanky. I also have a mediocre look, something that would easily get lost in the midst of a crowd. I have stage fright. I don’t have any talent either, I like to sing a song but the song doesn’t like me, I have two left foot, and the only thing I can do was to get the square of a two-digit number in 5 seconds, if that can be considered a talent.

But for the record, I had been on TV at one time.

But just to clarify things, it wasn’t as prolonged as it was like Nanskii’s stay in GKNB a few years go, hell, I didn’t even get to experience the shortest category of exposure called the 15 seconds of fame. But I was there, nonetheless. Studios, directors, PA’s, the stuff. For the record, I appeared in a TV show that’s just appropriate for my character: a game show.

The Audition

It wasn’t curiosity that made me join 1vs100. I decided to register because I needed some money.

The most difficult part in gaining entry in a game show is the first, getting a reply after the registration. For the record, it wasn’t too difficult for me. I registered on a Thursday, and I received the confirmation three days later, on a Sunday. The screening happened on Wednesday the same week. I left home at 6:00am in the morning and arrived at the ABS-CBN building at 9:45am, 15 minutes before the scheduled start. By this time, the queue was already very long, though it wasn’t much of a problem really, I already have my WM phone. 😉 Finally, at around 11am, I finally got to face the registration personnels. I used my passport for the identification, and I need to show the SMS I received. After filling up a form, I have to queue once more. The first batch of applicants were called, and ironically, I was queued a few persons near the last person who got called. For the record, I wasn’t disappointed with the delay. I think I needed it. Finally, after one more hour of waiting, we were finally called to an studio, which happened to be the room for the Deal or No Deal show.

The Examination

So, how are you going to choose the contestants out of all these aspirants (I have estimated the total number to be around 1,500 to 2,000)? For the record, the probability of getting accepted here is higher than most other game shows, since one episode requires at most 101 contestants. Unfortunately, after seeing the first batch of rejected applicants leaving when we were called in, I began to feel worried.

I was seated on the stairs where the 26K girls stood, along with around 500 more people inside the room. After a lengthy (and downright stupid) ice breaker, the screening test was started. And for TV shows of this ilk, just in case you haven’t figured out yet, the filtering was done by way of a written exam. The test is hard, you need to answer more than twenty questions (but less than fifty) in less than 10 minutes. Topics range from anything under the sun.

All the test papers were checked 15 minutes later. The passing mark was 50%, and I’m not too confident about my answers. The PA returned, holding the papers of those who passed, and it’s horribly a thin stack. He started calling out names, though I’m not sure if there’s a specific order in the sequence of the names that were called. I am not in the mood to post in a suspenseful tone, so I’m going to say that my name was called when only a single paper was left on the table. Before that, I was still optimistic when the first ten were called, and then when the papers were down to two, I knew it was all over. Even when the host hinted that the final name belongs to a male person, it failed to raise my optimism. So when my name was called, the instant emotion I felt was surprise. I almost stumbled on my way to the next studio for the interview. (Later on, I’ve seen my test paper, and I learned that I managed to correctly answer approximately ⅔ of the test)

The Interview

This time I was inside the actual studio of 1 vs 100. There were only a few people inside, and we are all busily filling up another form, this one much thicker than the previous.

The interview was conducted to determine the 1, and I wasn’t too enthusiastic that is why I wasn’t even considered. Still, I was assured of a number in one episode, and that’s all that matters to me. It’s also interesting that in terms of game show experience level, I’m the only one who’s a complete noob, the others can already be considered veterans, since they have previously appeared in other game shows. One in particular, has been joining since the early game shows all the way from Battle of the Brains.

I didn’t receive a definite date for my episode. They said they’re going to call me when the time comes, and I become doubtful again.


  • Two weeks later, I received the call.

  • There was a technical problem when the actual taping was started, something to do with the sound effects.

  • I was Mob member # 96. Some guest celebrities include some vocalists from bands. I only noticed those from Cueshé.

  • I got eliminated after the second question, as does ⅓ of the Mob. It was ironic, the Mob won in this episode, even though only 9 were able to make it.


2 comments on “Audition

  1. What a nice experience! I like to read your blogs, your experiences, and your ideas. As a 12-year-old incoming 1st year high school student, who just watch tv all time, i realized how hard to be there and how hard to get there. Thanks

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