Are You Hot?

I still have a couple of drafts of tech articles to publish but they have to take the backseat for now, having just decided to get back to reality of life. Bloggers are also humans, you know.

Summer is already in full swing, and along with it, a problem so serious everybody should be already aware of it by now: the world is getting hotter and hotter year after year.

I finally found some use for the thermometer that was included in a home decor brought abroad two years ago. I regularly check the device for daily and hourly temperature. Since the third week of February, I usually get the same results: the temperature measures 30oC as early as 8 in the morning and reaches 35-36oC from noontime to 2 in the afternoon. It was so hot you can practically see the smoke emanating from the roofs of the houses, and direct exposure to sunlight for only a short time will practically burn your skin. I walk daily for a long distance from my school to the jeepney station in an effort to cut costs and save money, and for the past few weeks, it has become an ordeal, mostly because of the total absence of covered walkways for the most part of the route. Elsewhere, a police trainee died a few days ago in Isabela because of heat stroke.

It’s pretty ironic, considering that only three months ago, we experienced one of the coldest season in a few years. Baguio City temperature dropped to a single digit in several instances (as low as 7.5oC at one time, which unfortunately isn’t low enough to break the record of 6.9oC in 1969), while here in Tarlac, the temperature went down to as low as 15oC, or Baguio’s temperature during summertime.

Scientists have been warning about the rise of global temperature since the start of the millennium, though it’s quite saddening that the big countries reacted slowly. The Kyoto Protocol was implemented a few years late, and it took most big countries to wait a few more years before they signed to the agreement. And it’s quite saddening as well that Al Gore’s definitive documentary called An Inconvenient Truth is being unfairly criticized by adding some political color to it.I was also shocked that there were still quite a number of skeptics who are actually expecting global cooling, rather than warming, like the Little Ice Age that happened in the 17th century. We should understand that the radical shift in climate can and should be attributed to many manmade activities, causing a disruption in many natural processes. Because of massive industrialization, there was a huge demand for fossil fuels, resulting in the rise of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and H2SO4. What these gases do is to trap the heat in the atmosphere instead of being released back to outer space. Worse, many of the world’s forest were completely depleted. One of the ecological functions of trees was to consume carbon dioxide and synthesize it back as oxygen.

For the past few years, Earth has experienced many of its worst natural disasters. That is basically just a preview of the things to come. At the current rate at which the global temperature is rising, scientists have estimated that the earth will be practically uninhabitable after twenty years, and the time bomb continues to be ticking. The only thing we can do is to slow it down, or find another planet that we can exploit for the next 10,000 years.

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