Free Browsing [Update]

I tried browsing again today on zero load and much to my delight, my phone’s net connection has both local and Internet connection:

I was able to update my antivirus software and even scrobble my cache. Anyway, I didn’t do anything special to my GPRS settings, I’m using iNet using a proxy. I have no idea regarding the mechanics of free browsing, but to contribute something useful, I’m going to state some of my observations and also formulated the following pointers:

  • All of the FB sessions happened at night, at around 8pm to 11pm. I tried connecting at various times of the day, but it seemed it only happened between those times. Also, on one instance, the FB disconnected at around 12 midnight
  • Successful FB is a matter of luck, but to avoid any complications, it’s better to connect on zero load. Hell, if you have a spare Globe SIM, you can use this specifically for browsing. Then, try and try until you succeed.
  • You can still browse some sites even when FB is not activated, including G-Blogs, Globe Corporate site, myGlobe, myGlobe Forums and Pixlink. Yahoo Mobile used to be browseable as well, but I can’t open the pages for a few months now [EDIT: ummm, apparently Yahoo Mobile is still browseable, I didn’t realize I was inputting the wrong address, it’s, not or
  • I think you can only do FB using a desktop-class browser, such as Opera (Mobile or Mini) and some other browsers out there.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated

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