How to: Send Videos From DVD to Mobile

So, you have a massive collection of DVD’s at home but you don’t have enough time at home to view them on a DVD player. The good thing is that almost all handheld electronics, from generic multimedia players made in China to cellphones, iPods and many others are capable of video playback. In fact, the only problem you have is how to send the video from the disk to your phone.

While downloaded video is in a format usually recognizable from most video playback program, and all you have to do is to copy the file from the PC to your unit, the same cannot be done with regards to DVD’s. Also, IMO it was also more practical to acquire a DVD from the streets than waiting a few hours just to acquire videos from wherever you may get them. Besides, those that are extracted from DVD’s generally have better audio and video quality than downloaded ones.

The program I use to encode DVD’s is HandBrake, and one of the reasons I absolutely like it is because it’s fully open-source, and yet it is full of features and settings that you can adjust according to your liking, presented in a very simplistic user interface. But if you are intimidated by the sheer number of configurations that you need to adjust, there are also several predefined presets you can use to obtain the best results, for instance, for iPod’s and PSP’s, or make define you own.


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