Happy New Year!

May we all have a prosperous 2009! (in spite of the worldwide recession and financial crisis)


6 comments on “Happy New Year!

  1. heloo poh happy new year, pwede po patulong? kasi i got problem sa USB flash drive ko, nadedetect ng pc pag i inserted it pero pag click ko sa drive please insert drive ang lumalabas, meron pa po bang solution ito? or totally sira na yung memory nya? please help me poh salamat in advance,..

  2. @manunulat
    Info lng po.Usually kpag d maread ung fd mo,one main reason is affected yan ng mga worms o viruses. Once n matanggal mo yun,ung affected files e d n cya tlga maibabalik. Pero may alternative n way how to recover mga files mo at the same time maopen mo ung fd mo.
    1. Explore your my computer
    2. Choose your fd driver s left panel and not s mga icon dahil d cya mgbu2kas.
    3. Copy all your files then paste mo muna s desktop or any preferred location except cyempre s fd.
    4. Format your fd by right clicking the fd icon then choose format.
    5. Once n naformat n,blik mo ulit mga files mo s fd then yun na.

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