Today is my birthday, but to be honest, I don’t find this day particularly that special. That is how I felt it for many years now. I learned not to look forward to birthdays many years ago.

But since a birthday is still a birthday, there are still some things that should be regarded. As the Chinese superstition goes, if you don’t serve noodles on that particular day, you’ll be cutting years in your total lifespan. Not exactly because I’m superstitious but probably just out of fascination, I have always served noodles on these days, even if it’s just Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton. I have cheated so many birthdays with that, but I believe I will still die young probably of cancer, because of all that MSG that goes into my system.

For the record, unlike previous birthdays, there’s something different about this year. I received gifts these year. I received an HP 520 laptop with some killer specs (dual core processor and 3GB worth of RAM) and an O2 XDA II Mini from my sister. Technically, they’re not really gifts. It’s just a common practice to hand down old but still functional gadgets once a new gadget is acquired. Nearly all of my stuff were hand-me-downs, not like my brothers and sisters who have used a new gadget at least once. Sometimes, there’s also the downside of ending up with the unpopular brand during the distribution. Still, I didn’t mind if, for instance, it wasn’t a Nokia or an Ericsson or an iPod or some other mainstream brand. For instance, three years ago, I received my first O2 phone, the XPhone IIm. It didn’t have the coolness of a mainstream brand at first, but after two months of exploring , I was actually glad I received this unit. It runs on Windows Mobile and it’s almost capable of the things most high-end phones of its time can do. It’s still fully functional to this very day, and unlike most other units who becomes obsolete after two years, this isn’t the case for this one. Heck, it runs on the latest version of the OS (Windows Mobile 6.1) and it’s even acquiring new abilities year after year. Now, I’m using the Mini as my primary phone, but I still use the IIm for other things.

Still, another birthday has gone. I’m getting older, and yet, my life still has no sense of direction. That was probably the reason why I don’t particularly like birthdays. In a few years, I’ll reach thirty. I can’t imagine what will become of me at that age. I need to do something within the next two years, otherwise my life would become a massive fuckup.


4 comments on “Bithdays

  1. hey, wazzup… u said u needed to do something to avoid being fucked-up?? i hav a suggestion, why not try Islam.. its the perfect religion. (you might want to try researching it)… dude, logically, scientifically, practically, miraculously (whatever) it is the perfect religion… Islam is the total submission to the will of the one GOD… Peace be upon you!!!!

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