New Year

Oh yeah! At the blink of an eye, the universal timecount has been incremented yet again. Another explosive New Year celebration (in more ways than one), another 300+ more days to wait for the next one, and a new, improved and more reinforced G-Blogs to boot! I just loved the new looks and Im also happy that some of the general problems bugging G-Blogs has been mostly resolved. And this time, Globe is reducing its leniency toward its violators. Hope they keep up their words for it. Just great!
I really don’t believe in New Year resolutions. Dont get me wrong, I always do them, but I just couldn’t keep them up beyond a week. How embarassing. However, Im making another set of resolutions this year, and just to make things a little easier, I decided to avoid abstract stuffs and instead, concentrate on more practical, er, practices. Ahaha. On with [The List:]
[1. Update my blogs often]
[2. Make my MUGEN projects, and others too]
[3. Start projects as early as possible, and avoid delaying]
[4. Backup my PC and phone often. Make an image]
[5. Organize PC files. Ahaha. My PC is messy]

There, I think that’s enough.


Your feedback will be greatly appreciated

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