The Joy of Being A Windows Mobile User (1/2)

People are always asking about my phone, because it was unlike anything they have seen and yet it can stand up to any Nokia/Ericsson phones (except perhaps the 3G phones) released during the last six months. But sometimes, I get annoyed whenever I have to explain over and over again when they ask, and they do it all the time. My phone is really one of a kind. It's an O2 XPhone IIm. Blame it on people's propensity to classify phones in three categories: Nokia, Ericsson and others. Actually O2 had made a name for itself, albeit in a different department. O2 is best known for its XDA's and what was considered the best PDA of the moment, the Atom. But there's little knowledge, it seems, that O2 manufactures machines that takes away the touch screen and the stylus and replaces them with a joystick and a keypad. But don't bother looking for this phone here. It's nonexistent at this time, I think. But hey, its cousin has long been in our country since last year. I'm not sure. That phone is the XPhone II. Sounds similar? That's because they're both of the same make, and the IIm is kind of like the version i of the other brands, basically the same but with some form of enhancements. And the XPhone II isn't really all that expensive. At P13.5t, you will also get a 256 MB Mini-SD Card, a USB cable and PC software, which is basically just ActiveSYNC. No need for suites really. Another annoyance was the request for app sharing. My phone has over 50 apps and games, and it never fails to amaze a lot of people. But, I don't know whether this is a good thing or not, I can't share them. The reason? My phone isn't running on Symbian. It's using Windows. ====>Read the continuation on the next post.


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