Happy Birthday to my Site

I was supposed to post this on the exact day, but apparently, after a rather shocking realization that my blog materialized on a Friday the 13th, it seemed to me that I'm running on nothing but bad luck…. Nah, not really. It just so happened that my PC broke. So sad. I'm not really sure why it happened but it happened on the day the last rays of summer went and the first drops of rain came…. It wasn't an easy transition. The two seasons waged war on each other with blinding flashes of light and loud rumbles, rather alternating in uncommonly short intervals. Add massive dose of rain. I was simply awestruck. Unfortunately, so does my PC. But anyway, quite a year. At least, I was able to post a dozen or so artics, found some friends and interesting people, and once in a while, upload something just to interest some people. I've had my share of texters, but unfortunately, it seemed that most had mistaken my name for its… er, sexual implications. Henceforth, the name change. But usually, I would just turn 'em down, save for one occasion when I got pissed off at someone, I flooded her inbox with a barrage of hate texts. Sans unlimited text. Sorry, I hate texters in general, particularly those asking for four (or three)-letter infos. There. A year has passed. Four months ago, I thought that my blog would never live for a year. But thankfully, G-Blogs' back to normal.


Your feedback will be greatly appreciated

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