Explanations (2/2)

[g-j]: This is the user group. These are as follows: a-f, g-j, k-n, o-s, t-w & x-z. It's easy to know your group since all you have to do is get the first letter of the blog URL (as if you can't figure that out). However, if the URL is a mobile number(09XX + 7-digit number), then the group will be 09XX. If not, the user group is 0-9/[gblogsurl]: the blog URL. Ask the owner, or get the address using 3rd party browsers/[images]: for pics, audio for tones and video for video (duh!)/[719724]: ID number for the blog entry. To get it, click send to e-mail, leave the prompt blank and click submit. A msg will appear and locate the 6-digit number…/[1]: group entry number. 1 for the first and you know what for the 2nd or 3rd. BTW, there's no need for this (and the _) when dloading tones or videos…/[jpg]: file format. Formats: jpg for standard pics and gif for animateds. AMR or WAV for true tones & MID for ptones. 3GP or AVI for videos


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