#4. Beans

<p>[Pasensya na po sa mga sumusubaybay, kung meron man, I'm feeling distracted this past few weeks kasi I'm trying to get past a certain obsession.] </p><p>It really pays to be a clever (shrewd should be the right word, ed). He thought. Look at all this money. Two grand! More than twice that of the skinny cow's real value. It wasn't my fault if people were so gullible, he thought. A day's journey is worth it.</p><p>He wondered about Jack. He laughed at the idea at what might happen if his mother had known that he had bartered his precious cow for a bunch of multicolored beans! (I myself can't stop laughing just imagining it, ed.) And here I am with his cow, having all what's worth it and more. Maybe, at this time, they're digging the earth in hope that money may spring out of the ground. Or else, their own grave.</p><p>There's a lot of people in the town today. All talking about a strange occurence yesterday. The man overheard a group of people and at first, thought that these people were crazed. He heard that an extremely high vine had grown in the country. Furthermore, he heard that it had grown from the east. That's where he came from. </p><p>Right, so what? It's just a fucking vine! So, it could supply something edible but that's all about it. There's nothing in it. </p><p>He is still listening when someone suddenly tapped his shoulder at the back. He looked and saw Jack, looking very alive and is, in fact, smiling. [Man, I'm seeing his ghost and now he returned to exact his revenge on me.] But Jack spoke, "Hey, old man. How are you? Here, have this," and dropped three coins in his pocket, and then disappeared again just like that. Don't ask how he had known there were three, he has a certain power related to money (I think, ed). So, Jack isn't dead, after all. </p><p>But, three coins? I mean, just three coins??!? I cannot live on just three coins! But, just then, he noticed that his pocket is glimmering. He took the coins and couldn't believe what he's holding. </p>Three golden coins.


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