Quickpost: Making videos with #PowerPoint

Yes. You can make video files with PowerPoint.

Makes sense, since conceptually a video is essentially a slideshow, or a procession of a lot of images, or in case of PowerPoint: slides. And PowerPoint lets you set the presentation in automation without mouse clicks or keyboard presses. More importantly, you don’t need to use any exporter since PowerPoint will let you save it directly in video format such as WMV*. (It used to have MP4, but I messed up my computer once but I did not see any visible effects. Maybe this is one of them)


Anyway, I tested it with a .ppt file and here’s the outcome: (link)

Reviewing #Sona2014

PNoy’s fourth annual report will be remembered in history because of its bipolar nature, reaching both the highest and lowest extremities of his governance. His original vision of cleansing and building a trustworthy government seems to be yielding results, but it seems that the nearer he is approaching his goal, the bigger the imminent threat of him being eaten back by the system, a monstrosity which has seen mammoth growth brought about by the previous head of the nation.

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Test Post: WP Explorer for WP8

WordPress for Windows 8 is one of my must-have app for the OS, because there’s nothing like browsing Freshly Pressed and subscribed blog posts in the beautiful Metro environment.

So it’s quite a shame that its counterpart on WP8 is quite underwhelming. There are alternatives, sure, but the closest thing to a great app isn’t free, and the trial version doesn’t allow to view Freshly Pressed posts.

Then, I was browsing in the Books section (looking for a bible app, actually) when I chanced upon WP Explorer. I found the perfect app.

The app was just recently published (with a publish date of August 6). It was a great viewer because it instantly shows post from subscribed blogs, but it also shows Stats and Freshly Pressed. More importantly, it uses the same interface as its web counterpart.

subscribed stats

How about blog posting? They said action speaks louder than words, and this post is fully made using the app.

Game Review: Angry Birds Star Wars

To be honest, I’m already getting burned out with Angry Birds.

Granted, I would still fire away the original game on a rest day and before long, I would have realized I have burned away hours into the game, painstakingly abusing the refresh button to unlock three stars in each level. But outside of the game, I wonder how far can Rovio stretch the game before the formula snaps. I am keeping the original and Seasons, but uninstalled Rio because I’m still working on the first two and wonder if I will ever finish them, considering that I have two more level sets in the original and is stuck in the 2011 levels for Seasons. I didn’t even bother checking out Space anymore, or even the spinoff game Bad Piggies. I don’t play it much on tablets, either. I found myself doing more Plants vs. Zombies instead.

So, when Angry Birds and Star Wars started posting the same contents in my news feed (I liked both their pages on FB), I had zero interest in the announcement of a crossover game merging the two universes.

I did install the game, eventually, but for a different reason.


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A New Year’s Resolve

It all started with a Facebook note.

new_beginningMany people do not realize the value of setting up New Year’s Resolutions, and I suspect this is probably because they usually just end up being unable to attain the goal or breaking the set rule eventually. I was aware of this, so I decided to adopt a rule used in the workplace, the SMART rule, a mnemonic which relates that goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic relevant and timely. It is a great guide because it helps me avoid delving too much into abstractions.

So, 2012 had just concluded and I’m proud to say that it was a great year for me because I was able to achieve most of the goals I had set at the beginning of the year. Looking back, here were my goals:

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Built-in Start Button Alternatives for Windows 8


One of the biggest shock in Windows 8 is the disappearance of the Start Button, which has been an integral component of Windows since Windows 95. It was my biggest struggle with the OS ever since the Consumer Preview, because in its absence, it is difficult to search for programs that aren’t visible by default, and also for adjusting settings in the Control Panel.

The recommended alternatives at the time are to install third-party apps such as Start8 (which isn’t a freeware) or Classic Shell (free). But I learned my lesson regarding installing such programs, so I settled on braving the new interface. Eventually, I realized that the essence of the Start Menu was mostly retained; basically, it just got reshuffled due to Windows 8’s UI overhaul.

What can you use in place of the Start Menu? These.

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How to Install Pinoy Apps on Windows 8

For the record, there are a number of local apps available on the Windows 8 app store. Rudolfantonio.com listed down some of these apps, and boy, they sure are useful. These include SM Cinema, ABS-CBN, MMDA, Globe, sulit.com.ph and others. And they’re free.

However, if you try to search for them in the app store, usually you get blank results. I can browse them in the web browser app store, but when attempting to install them from here, it causes the app store to launch without displaying the app itself.


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